The well know cheese made from buffalo milk. The name Mozzarella is diminutive form of Mozza meaning "cut". It is appreciated for its elastic texture and versatility. Also known as the "the queen of mediterranean cuisine".


Mascarpone (maskar 'po:ne) is your trusted lieutenant for that perfect dessert. Mascarpone is used in various Lombardy dishes. Finally , no tiramisu van be complete without Sorico's Mascarpone.

Cream Cheese

One of the best and most popular soft cheeses. Whether its your breads/bagels or your perfect cheesecake, Sorico's cream cheese ensures perfection.


A fresh chesses which is a favourity component for desserts. Fairly flexible and fresh cheese lends rich taste and texture to the gravies and on its own goes perfectly with breads.

Feta Cheese

The famous greek chesses with slightly grainy texture. No greek salad can be complete without Sorico Feta.

Sour Cream

This mildly sour and thicker version of creamy is your perfect topping or base for your creamy salad. Goes perfectly with biscuits and is often used as a condiment. This is our house's favourite.

Processed Cheese

Made from natural cheeses, this has become a household name and is a favourite. Have it blocks or Slices. Sorico perfectly defined processes deliver your flavourful cheese just the way you like it everytime.


Sorico Quark is a fresh cheese, mildly tangy, with creamy texture of sour cream. Various cuisines feature quark as an ingredient for appetizers, salads, main dishes and desserts.


Bocconcini meaning "little bites" in Italian , are egg siced Mozzarella cheeses that originated in Naples. perfect semi-soft white and rindless available as delicatessen in plastic tubs filled with whey.

Flavoured Cheese

Your favourite cheese now comes in many flavours. Enjoy it in flavours of garlic , black pepper and Jeera.

Pizza Cheese

perfect dish requires a perfect raw material. The modern Pizza evolved in the 18th century and this perfect Italian dish requires a perfect cheese. Sorico 'Pizza Cheese is perfect blend to give you the tecture and that lip smacking taste.